Hi, I'm David. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I think that the Metaphysics of Quality is a Good Metaphysics. For more information about what this Metaphysics is go here. I can be contacted here.

"Don't tell me your logic - explain your values."

The Metaphysics of Quality was first expounded by Robert Pirsig in Lila. This book can be purchased here.

Cultural Values


If you’re doing not much else on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you could do worse than watch Gattaca. Gattaca is a great film for a number of reasons; but first and foremost is the sentiment of the underlying tagline that “There is no gene for the human spirit”. The Metaphysics of Quality agrees with this Read More

Russell Brand : The Mystic

Russell Brand does yoga and meditation. In the above video he talks about how both of these things help him find a connection which Drugs and Sex cannot. It’s rare to have a celebrity with such considerable self confessed experience in drugs and sex, speak with such honesty in what way they don’t work. “I’ve Read More

Robert Redford On a Sailboat

“[In this film] there’s nothing but the elements. Nothing but the weather, a man, a boat – that’s it.” Robert Redford In a new J.C. Chandor film Robert Redford ‘plays an unnamed solo sailor woken by a collision with a drifting shipping container that rips a hole in his 11-metre yacht. Taking on water, and Read More

Three Myths of Behavior Change.

Jeni Cross who is a sociology professor at Colorado State University, talks about the three Myths of Behavior change. In these notes below I’ve ignored the SOM jargon and instead written about how the research applies to values. MYTH 1. Information is enough to change behavior. If we speak to what folks value by making Read More

Intellectual Discussion and Dialectic.

Finding Agreement, Quality and Beauty in the World. When two people discuss a concept intellectually – naturally there will be disagreement.  What then? In the two and a half thousand years since Socrates and the Ancient Greeks what two people aim for has been the truth. Disagreement has immediately implied that what one person thinks Read More

Colbert vs Grayling – Religion Debate

“How can you live good and flourishing lives without objective standards of Morality?” Steven Colbert In an entertaining debate between Colbert the Catholic and Grayling the Humanist – on – Religion Colbert asks a poignant Question of Grayling to which he has little answer. The Metaphysics of Quality however, shows that there is no need Read More

Morality in politics..

“Lying just beneath the surface of (political) arguments with passions raging on all sides are big questions of Moral Philosophy.. But we too rarely articulate and defend and argue about those big moral questions in our Politics” Michael Sandel Michael Sandel has a great series on Justice which explains the currently competing philosophical theories of Read More