Hi, I'm David. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I think that the Metaphysics of Quality is a Good Metaphysics. For more information about what this Metaphysics is go here. I can be contacted here.

"Don't tell me your logic - explain your values."

The Metaphysics of Quality was first expounded by Robert Pirsig in Lila. This book can be purchased here.


Russell Brand : The Mystic

Russell Brand does yoga and meditation. In the above video he talks about how both of these things help him find a connection which Drugs and Sex cannot. It’s rare to have a celebrity with such considerable self confessed experience in drugs and sex, speak with such honesty in what way they don’t work. “I’ve Read More

Robert Redford On a Sailboat

“[In this film] there’s nothing but the elements. Nothing but the weather, a man, a boat – that’s it.” Robert Redford In a new J.C. Chandor film Robert Redford ‘plays an unnamed solo sailor woken by a collision with a drifting shipping container that rips a hole in his 11-metre yacht. Taking on water, and Read More